Technical Support: An Actual Tech Call....

Customer: Hi. We have a problem with your 4 to 6 Conversion kit on a 77 Shovel. The Brute IV Extreme Belt Drive won't line up. It's about a " off.

RPI Tech: Are you using the motorplate spacer that goes in between the motorcase and the motorplate which is .570"?

Customer: Of course I am, this is not the first time we've installed one of these ya know.

RPI Tech: OK, I understand your frustration, but I need to ask questions to ascertain what the problem is. Please don't take offense. The Brute IV Extreme 2016-0101 is made to bolt directly to a rigid mount style chassis. The .570 " motorplate spacer is not an offset, but part of the motorplate. The rear pulley is set into the motorplate and the front pulley has a " offset built in so that on a stock application, both the front and the rear pulley will line up.

Customer: I know that, I'm not an idiot.

RPI Tech: I know you're not an idiot, again I am trying to determine the problem by pointing out the details of the drive and asking questions. Is there any kind of offset on the frame for the transmission and are you using the trans mounting plate provided?

Customer: There isn't an offset. I told you it's a stock '77 shovel. I told you that I've done this before so of course I used the damn trans mount. (customer getting very irritated).

RPI Tech: Just making sure. Well, I am not sure why it is not lining up if everything you've told me is accurate. The kit is made to bolt directly on that application and I know it will if everything is stock on the motorcycle. So, either there is something unusual about the frame even though you say its stock, or the belt drive was incorrectly packaged with the wrong front pulley insert. Could you measure the insert please? If should be 1/2" long when measured from the back of the insert that's flush with the back of the front pulley.

Customer: (Short silence) Yes, its ".

RPI Tech: OK, then I really don't know why it doesn't line up if what you are telling me is accurate. Can you text me a few pictures of the areas in question and the of the whole belt drive so I can see for myself what is going on? My cell phone is (562)-889-xxxx).

Customer: (Very irritated) Dammit, I'll figure it out for myself. Thanks for nothing. (Hangs up)

About a hour later RPI Tech receives 3 text messages on his cell phone.

Customer: Stand by. I may be a bonehead!

Customer: Tell you in a minute.

Customer: Lines up perfect,  when you use the stator and rotor in the motor.
All good. Sorry. Thanks buddy!!

We get hundreds of tech calls like this every, single day. Usually the caller is trying to either correct a problem or trying to understand the installation better. When you call into a manufacturer for technical help, you need to understand that:
      a) The tech that you are talking to does not have telepathic ability
      b) The tech cannot see what you are seeing
      c) The tech probably knows more than you do about his company's products
Keeping that in mind, when you do have a situation that requires tech help:
      1) Be patient
      2) Be calm
      3) Be polite
      4) LISTEN!
If you do this, we will do the same!

Some parts contained herein may not be legal for sale or use in California on any pollution controlled motor vehicles.

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